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Noble Steel is equally providing opportunities to the employees for their professional growth and personal welfare. Providing our customers high quality, reliable, and durable steel products through complete product research is our major focus.



The total demand for iron and steel in Pakistan is approximately 5.0 million tons annually. Whereas unfortunately the production of steel in Pakistan is only 1/3rd of the total demand & local market has torely on the imported material to fulfill their needs.
Noble Steel Pvt. Ltd. matters in sourcing the material for its valuable clients from all across the globe. We have access to many steel mills all over the world. Noble Steel Mills are a reliable source of Graded Material such as ASTM A-36, ASTM A-516. GR.60 & 70. High Tensile Steel and other grades are required by various clients of plates. coils, beams, and angles.
Noble Steel believes customized sizes and grades help our clients more efficiently therefore we are always welcome our clients if they are asking for customized sizes


NSM has established a network of warehouses across RWP/ISB to save the delivery time and cost for our clients and end-users.


To meet the demand of various industries and factories, Noble Steel Pvt. Ltd renders the services of retail suppliers to its client from its various outlets in the market.

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